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  • Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java
5 Popular Activities that Show You Another Borobudur

5 Popular Activities that Show You Another Borobudur

Borobudur, one of Indonesia’s leading tourist towns, has many popular activities as well as archaeological temples. Ancient hitory, traditional culture, sports…Yes, Borobudur is just like a kaleidoscope. 
1 day is not enough to enjoy Borobudur perfectly. Stay in Borobudur a couple of days before/after Waisak, find other faces of Borobudur through awesome activities.

Village Explore

Around Borobudur Temple, there are some Javanese Villages. The villagers have been keeping their traditional life style that may be totally different to your own life style. Some visitors are surprised pleasantly, some visitors remember their childhoods when they step in the villages.
In the villages, there are unique home-industries for example Tofu, Palm Sugar, Pottery, Javanese Snacks, Luwak Coffee, Bamboo Spinning Top, Honey, Batik and more.


Menoreh Hill Trekking


River Rafting


Javanese Cooking Class


Batik Class