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Group Tour

Waisak 2024

23 May 2024

All tours are fully booked.

Waisak 2024 will be held on 23 May.
As we would like many people to enjoy Waisak easily at reasonable travel cost, we have 4 package tours this year too.

Our Waisak Group Tour has,

✓Pick-up & drop-off at your door in Yogyakarta City or Borobudur
Waisak events start in the early morning and finish at midnight. So our “At-door-service” will be very helpful for travelers.


✓English service
Our guides & drivers are professionals who works in tourism more than 5 years. Your trip will be more smooth & valuable by English service.


✓Good food and rest time
We will offer you dinner buffet to fulfill your stomach with good food and rest enough before the Lantern, the highling of Waisak.


✓Special permit to park our cars near the yard of the Lantern
We are allowed to bring our cars in Borobudur Temple Park exceptionally, so you can access to the yard of the Lantern easily*. Keep your energy for the Lantern!
*If you joined in the Lantern individually or in a tour that doesn’t have special parking permit, you have to walk from outside of Borobudur Temple Park. It means that you have to walk around 30min per way before/after the Lantern with crowds in dark.

Sightseeing & Lantern Tour

All day in Borobudur! It will be a special day for you.

✓ Have a lot of fun in popular places in Borobudur
✓ Enjoy Borobudur Temple Structure Visit
✓ Release a lantern with your wish to the sky

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Tour Information

Waisak Tour

Join in all of Buddhist rituals of Waisak from the morning until late night.

✓ Join in the ritual in Mendut Temple
✓ Join in Parade from Mendut Temple to Borobudur Temple

✓ Join in Meditation & Chanting (Detik-detik) in Borobudur Temple Park 
✓ Release a lantern with your wish to the sky

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Photography Tour

Take professional photos of Waisak & Borobudur with a photographer guide

✓ Sunrise with Borobudur Temple view from a hill
✓ Portrait of Buddhist monks & villagers

✓ Buddhist Parade
✓ Sunset with Borobudur Temple view
✓ A thousand of lanterns with lit-up Borobudur Temple

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Lantern Tour

Easy trip for the highlight of Waisak, forcusing on the Lantern only.

✓ Release a lantern with your wish to the sky

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Tour Information


How many is the minimum number of participants?
All of our tours are confirmed to go from 1 participants.


Who handles the tours?
All of tours on this website are our original tours. We, Waisak Borobudur Tour & Travel, handle all tours with 100% responsibility on us.


I want to be picked up in Yogyakarta and dropped off in Borobudur.
Yes, please inform us of your locations when you book the tour. Of course, pick-up in Borobudur and drop-off in Yogyakarta is possible too. In the case that you have big/many baggarge(s), please inform us in advance.


Can you provide vegetarian/vegan food?
Yes, please inform us of your food preference in advance.


What if it rained on the day?
We will follow the festival organizer’s decision. As long as the event goes on, our tours also go on.


No answers to your questions here? You may find the answers in our FAQ.

Do you prefer to enjoy Waisak privately? Check our Private Tour too!