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  • Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java

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Tips to Enjoy Borobudur More

2 Spiritual Buddhist Experiences in Borobudur

If you want to have more Buddhist experiences, why don’t you try the ones we introduce below? These activities are not known widely because there is no any information in travel guidebooks, but it’s really “Hidden Gems” that we want to tell you in secret. Here, another holy experience is calling you. Night Meditation in Mendut Monastery Just next to […]

3 Symbolic Vehicles of Borobudur

In Borobudur, there are some photogenic vehicles that can be one of purpose of visiting this small town. Those vehicles make your Borobudur trip more impressive. It’s good to use them as transportation in Borobudur area or for Village Explore.  Andong (Horse Carriage) Even after cars and motorbikes became main transportations, we had have Andong everywhere as citizen’s important transportation […]

5 Local Foods You Can Try in Borobudur

Are you a local food lover? If yes, why don’t you try some our special foods here when you come to Borobudur for Waisak. Borobudur is rich in agriculture, surrounded by rice/vegetable/fruits fields. Our local foods look very simple, not as gorgeous as urban dishes. But you can enjoy the taste of each ingredients. Kopi Badhek  This is the coffee […]

5 Popular Activities that Show You Another Borobudur

Borobudur, one of Indonesia’s leading tourist towns, has many popular activities as well as archaeological temples. Ancient hitory, traditional culture, sports…Yes, Borobudur is just like a kaleidoscope.  1 day is not enough to enjoy Borobudur perfectly. Stay in Borobudur a couple of days before/after Waisak, find other faces of Borobudur through awesome activities. Village Explore Around Borobudur Temple, there are […]