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Welcome back Waisak2022 in the first time for 3 years ( 16 May )

Finally Waisak came back to Borobudur after long sleep in darkness of the pandemic of Covid-19! The good news about Waisak2022 was just published in the end of April, just around 2 weeks before of the day. Wow, Waisak will be coming  back!! Our exciting 2 week just began like this. This year we had 2 group tours, Full Day […]

Waisak2021 with Special Full Moon (26 May)

Sadly, we had Waisak Day under Covid-19 pandemic this year again. Borobudur Temple has been opened to public with strict health protocol but there was no events/rituals of Waisak this year too. We went to Borobuudur Temple and Mendut Temple in this morning. We just wanted to see what was going on in the temples. But in both temples, there […]

Quiet Waisak2020 under Covid-19 (7 May)

After the first positive patient of Covid-19 was confirmed in March, the pandemic is expanding in Indonesia too. Tourist destinations including Borobudur Temple and Mendut Temple have been closed due to the goverment policy, of course there wasn’t any Waisak events/rituals. Borobudur was very quiet all day long today. What a sad Waisak day we spent… Hopefully we could spend […]

Waisak2019 with 198 Customers (18 May )

It was a beautiful day of Waisak today. It did not rain all day long, we had clear sky in the daytime and could see the full moon at night. All of the events of Waisak was progressed very well as it’s scheduled in the program, so our tours went smooth too. We had 2 types of Tour Waisak this […]