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  • Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java
【Travel Information】Umbul Jumprit

【Travel Information】Umbul Jumprit

A spring in the mountains of Temangun District, Central Java.

It is said that the saint of the Majapahit Kingdom, Junpuri, arrived here in search of a place to meditate.

Above the tomb is a small cave with a spring in it. The water that springs here is considered the most holy water.
Hindu stone statues are enshrined in the cave, creating a solemn atmosphere.
It is also considered holy water in the Buddhist world, and every year a few days before Waisak, monks hold a ceremony to take holy water here and bring it back to Borobudur.

Boasting an abundant amount of spring water, it is also used as domestic water for the entire area.

Godong, Grobogan, Central Java

Rp 10,000 per person

Opening Hours
7:00 – 18:00

How to get there
There is no public transportation to go to this place. Using a chartered-car is the best way to get there.

From Borobudur, it takes around 3.5 hours by car.
From Semarang, it takes about 1.5 hours by car.
From Yogyakarta, it takes about 4.5 hours by car.