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Private Tour

Waisak 2024

23 May 2024


Would you like to travel Waisak privately?
It is our pleasure to design your private trip for your Waisak.

We inherit our featured service such as “Pick-up & Drop-off at Door” and “Special Parking Permit Near the Lantern” to your private trip too while you can enjoy the benefits of the private trip.
You have infinity travel options!


Our Private Tour is

✓Available for single traveler to big group

✓Flexible to customize an existing itinerary by your preference

✓Possible to choose guide language from French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese(Mandarin)


Our original tour for only your group
Arrange our Group Tour itinerary for your group with private car which fits the number of your travel member.

Past Examples

➀ Family Lantern Trip from Solo(Surakarta) in 2017

Request from the customer
We want to join in the Lantern. We are a family with 8 persons including some kids and elderies. We would like to be picked up at our house in Solo and dropped off at the hotel in Borobudur.

Actual tour arrangement
We inherited our Lantern Tour itinerary for this family trip and prepare a Hiace to pick them up in Solo. To make the tour cost cheaper, we set our guide to meet them up only for the Lantern in Borobudur. They could stop by some tourist places in Yogyakarta on the way to Borobudur. 

②Private Waisak Trip with French guide in 2019

Request from the customer
We are from France, studying about Buddhism in South East Asia. We prefer to travel in private with a French guide so that we can know more about Waisak.

Actual tour arrangement
We recommended them to have our Buddhist Tour itinrary. Then we prepared a small car for 2 persons and a French guide. They joined in all of the rituals of Waisak, luckily they could interviewed some monks through the guide too during the trip.

To inquire Private Tour, please contact us by the contact form below.


Tailor-made Tour
Create your trip from zero with a thousand possibility.

Past Examples

➀Private Waisak Trip including pick-up in the airport in 2019

Request from the customer
I will arrive in Yogyakarta just at 12pm of the day of Waisak. So I need a car from the airport. If possible, I would like to see the Parade even just for a while. After the Parade, I will check in my hotel in Borobudur, then visit some places in Borobudur such as Chicken Church and Mendut Temple before dinner and the Lantern.

Actual tour arrangement
We prepared a small car to pick him up in the airport. When he arrived in Borobudur, the main road was already closed for the Parade. So we sent a motorbike to take him to a spot near Borobudur Temple to see the Parade. After he saw the Parade, we brought him to his hotel and some places he wanted to visit by a car until dinner and the Lantern.


②Java Island Overland Trip including Waisak in 2016

Request from the customer
We are 3 persons from Malaysia. We will spend a couple of days in Bali first, then we want to visit Ijen Blue Fire and Mt. Bromo and Prambanan Temple before visit Borobudur for Waisak.

Actual tour arrangement
We picked them up in their hotel in Bali by a car and crossed Bali Strait by a ferry. We took them to Ijen, Bromo by a car. Then they took a train to come to Yogyakarta from Surabaya on Waisak day. After arriving at the station, they visited Prambanan Temple and joined in the Lantern at night. On the next day, they visited Borobudur Temple to see again then went back to their country by airplane from Yogyakarta Airport. To make the tour cost unexpensive, we prepared a small car that fits 3 persons during the trip. And our guide accompanied them only in Yogyakarta and Borobudur.

To inquire Private Tour, please contact us by the contact form below.



Can you book hotel/train/flight?
Yes, of course we can. We will help you to find the best hotel/transportation that fits your schedule and budget.

What if it rained on the day?
We will follow the festival organizer’s decision. As long as the event goes on, our tours also go on.


No answers to your questions here? You may find the answers in our FAQ.