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Waisak 2024

23 May 2024

Ticket Price


  • The ticket price above is per ticket and 1 ticket is for only 1 person.
  • Same price for adult and child.
  • Same price for domestic and foreigner.
  • Borobudur Temple Park Entranc ticket is NOT included.
  • Participant Card is NOT included (If you would like to join in Waisak rituals such as Parade, Meditation in Borobudur Temple, you should have “Waisak Participant Card*1).



  • Lantern Ticket
  • Make A Wish Sticker*2

*1 What’s “Waisak Participant Card”?
This card is for joining in all Buddhist events such as Parade, Meditaion in Borobudur Temple.

*2 What is “Make A Wish Sticker” for?
You can write your wish down on this sticker and put it on your lantern before release.



Date On Waisak Day
Time 8:00 – 16:30
Place At our office 
(Near Borobudur Market, 10 min-walking from Borobudur Temple)

Delivery the tickets? 
Yes, possible with additional fee. Please contact us by contact form below.


Terms of Service

Booking Deadline 15 May 2024 ※we are going to close if the stock of the lantern ticket runs out.
  1. Book your ticket(s) by booking form below.
  2. Pay ticket fee within 24 hours after you got our booking confirmation. If no payment, your booking is automatically cancelled.
  3. Let us know your phone number that is active in Indonesia for emergency cases before 15 May 2024.
Payment Day Within 24 hours after you got our booking confirmation
Payment Method Bank Transfer
Amount of Payment 100% of Ticket Fee
  1. The tickets you bought are Non - Refundable.
  2. The tickets you bought are Non - Changeable.



Can I enter Borobudur Temple with the lantern ticket or the participant card?
Unfortunatelly the answer is “NO”.
When some Waisak events such as Meditation, Chanting are held in Borobudur Temple, you can go in the temple with the participant card to join in the event. But if you want to see Borobudur Temple as sightseeing, you should buy Borobudur Temple Ticket (Normally Borobudur Temple is closed for public from 12:00 noon of Waisak Day).
The lantern ticket allows you to get in the lantern place at night only.


Can I get my ticket a few days before the day?
Because the festival organizer brings the tickets on the day, we can give you your ticket on the day too.


Can I get my ticket by email/WhatsApp?
Because the festival organizer supplies the paper tickets only, we can give you your ticket at our office only.

No answers to your questions here? You may find the answers in our FAQ.