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  • Borobudur, Magelang, Central Java

【Travel Information】Mendut Temple

A Buddhist temple that was built by Shailendra dynasty, a Buddhist dynasty that built Borobudur temple. It is considerd that this temple was built slightly earlier than Borobudur Temple in around 8th century. The buidling size is 13.7m x 13.7m square, 26.4m high. Since middle of 19th century, this temple began to be discovered, and the accumulation of soil and […]

【Travel Information】Umbul Jumprit

A spring in the mountains of Temangun District, Central Java. It is said that the saint of the Majapahit Kingdom, Junpuri, arrived here in search of a place to meditate. Above the tomb is a small cave with a spring in it. The water that springs here is considered the most holy water. Hindu stone statues are enshrined in the […]

【Travel Information】Api Abadi Mrapen

This is an eternal flame that is natually burned because the hydrocarbon gas appears and burns on the surface of the land. The name “Mrapen” comes from a word “Prapen” that means “fire” in Javanese language. This flame has an interesting legend. According to the legend, this flame was found by a famous Islamic religious leader in 15th century, Sunan […]