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Fantastic Waisak in Borobudur

Fantastic Waisak in Borobudur

Waisak is a holy annual festival for Buddhism.
Waisak is the biggest event for Borobudur locals.
Waisak is a special day for al

Why don’t you join in Waisak this year to discover what Waisak is for you?

Waisak 2023

4 June 2023

Waisak, called “Borobudur Lantern Festival” as its alias, is the biggest festival in Borobudur.

Borobudur shines as a Buddhist sancutuary as if it back to 8th century when Borobudur Temple was built.
But to be honest, the religions are not important. Even you were in another religion, once you joined in Waisak, you can feel something important that is beyond any religion. It could be thanks for the life, wish for world peace, love to someone who is around you.

And as the alias says, Waisak has a aspect of “festival”. Just release you from your normal days and have a pure fun!

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What’s Waisak?

We, Waisak Borobudur Tour & Travel, offer some travel service for Waisak every year.

  • Group Tour|Open Trip
    Tours that sharing bus/guide with popular itinerary at affordable tour price
  • Private Tour
    Tours by special interest such as photographing/joining all Buddhist rituals
    Tour that is made only for you with your request
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