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3 Symbolic Vehicles of Borobudur

3 Symbolic Vehicles of Borobudur

In Borobudur, there are some photogenic vehicles that can be one of purpose of visiting this small town.
Those vehicles make your Borobudur trip more impressive.

It’s good to use them as transportation in Borobudur area or for Village Explore. 

Andong (Horse Carriage

Even after cars and motorbikes became main transportations, we had have Andong everywhere as citizen’s important transportation in Java Island for a while. But as time went by, Andong had disappear one by one, nowadays Andong remains in just a few towns.

And Borobudur is one of the towns where still hava this nostalgic transportation, not only for the tourists, but also still as citizen’s transportaion.

You can find Andong around Borobudur Temple Park and Borobudur market near bus terminal.
There is no fixed fare, so you must ask the price before riding on, explain how you would like to hire (for example, one-way-riding/going on village explore/hiring per hour), then the driver can show you his price, of course it’s ok to negotiate the price with him if you want.


VW (Volkswagen Classic Car

We can say VW is the most popular vehicle among tourists in Borobudur now. 

In only Borobudur, there are around 120 cars that were imported from 1960s to 1970s in Java Island. After long-sleep in their garages in all over Java Island, they got fixed well and came back under the sunshine here with its cute classic car form and vivid-colored body. 

Because driving a VW requires special driving technics, you will hire a VW including a driver. 

Most of tourists book a VW for Borobudur village explore, but you are able to book it per hour and use it as your transportation, or you can use it for your excursion from Borobudur too. 

For more information about VW, you can contact VW Cabrio Borobudur directly.


VW Cabrio Borobudur



Electric scooter

This vehicle is new face in Borobudur.

In 2021, under Covid-19 pandemic, electric scooters suddenly appeared in some streets of Borobudur and gained popularity in a blink of an eye.

It’s easy to drive by yourself and let you go around in the town freely.

You can rent an electric scooter per 15 minutes at very affordable price.
You can find some scooter stations in daytime too, but night time is more lively.

For more information about Electric scooter, you can contact Borobudur Scooter Electric directly.